terça-feira, 4 de novembro de 2014

No Tumblr, podia ter sido escrito por mim

" No one warned me that growing up would ruin me. No one told me that this was all just a trap. No one told me that I’d slowly lose myself until I was just an empty vessel where demons roam. They didn’t tell me that I could ache so much at 2 am. Or that the ache would still be there at 1pm. No one told me that I could lose my innocence without ever being touched. They didn’t tell me to protect my mind but they drilled it into my brain to protect my body. So I sit here. Fingers and cheeks wet with two different kind of tears and I’m drowning and all I need it air. I lie and cheat and cry and I just can’t breathe. I’m losing the fight. I’m down on my knees. And I know that if I could only love again I’d be good again. No one hears me scream because it’s all inside of me. These demons are getting stronger. No one ever warned me that this could happen they only said protect my body and now my mind is rotten and I can’t breathe! "

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