quarta-feira, 5 de agosto de 2015

She has so much to say, but no one to hear her. She fell in love. That type of love we read on books and watch on TV. She fell so hard that she hit the ground. Now... She thinks she is getting repetitive... but if that feeling is, why not? She misses you, but you don’t even know each other. Maybe she thinks she knows you. But she doesn’t even know what you think about her. You only met two times. I mean, you were together every single day, a long time ago. You certainly remember that. Since then, everything has changed in her life. Everything has changed in your life. Both of you changed and achieved different things. But that was not enough for her to see you as she wants to see you right now. She probably doesn't even know quarter, but let her think she does. She doesn’t know how much trouble you’re bringing to her mind. She is worried about this feeling of wanting you standing by. She is lost, what the hell is she supposed to do? Should she tell you? She didn't even know that some places in her mind & heart existed until she re-found you. This is literally driving her crazy and she doesn't know how or why. I wish you could read, hear this words I'm leaving about her, for no one to care. She finally feels like if someone wants to love her, she’ll let. Only if “someone” is you. But she really thinks that you will never meet again.

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