sexta-feira, 9 de outubro de 2015


I stare in vain the infinite and I ask when our lives will cross each other again. I already miss you. When will we find each other and maybe meet? I feel like holding in my arms the person my heart embraced as his. It's about time. I have that kitsch feeling of wanting to be a princess. Not the princess we read in books, not the princess we've heard of in fairytales, not even a real life princess but someone's princess. A princess that is wearing a diamond-filled tiara to blind the sad. I want to find out if I am more loved than I ever know I could be. And to be honest, that is everything I never knew I always wanted. Some say that in this fucked up life, love is the only beautiful and pure thing. I wish I could love fearlessly and always keep a smile. Leave this tension and feel the joy of having an other-half. Know what peace is and have no worries. Forget the pain and become happy. Because even if life had slapped me hard too many times, I learned to resist. I learned to face the truth when lies hurt. From being betrayed from those who I never thought, I now know that words should be kept and acts should be assumed. I now know how it is to turn the page and start from nothing. If it is hard, if it hurts, I shall remember: "The best warrior is not the one who wins; it is the one who returns to the battle without fear". That is why I want to try and having someone to laugh with, be shown that life can be easy even on hard times, get a shelter for chaotic days, feel a hug that makes me believe that nothing else really matters. Make you smile, see you happy. More than anything else, I need to find a friendship, and then, the realtionship. We could play, argue, love, kiss, care, worry. 

I think I may be finally ready. I discovered that when I saw you. 

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